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Material, extensible and liquid group for its nature, fated to seriously play with art.

Abstract but stony landing-place for blasphemous shipwrecked people.
Can anyone swear the world rule without being swallowed by waves?

Ideal and open group
e-group, whose members are not forced to meet physically, but it's a pleasure doing that
work of art maker group
group with no manifesto but with many manifestos of the group

Costarocosa is Roberta Toscano (23.09.1963) +  Armando Riva (08.08.1960)


Costarocosa collective exhibitions

  • John Cage mail art…….putacaso. Project of Angela Caporaso, Caserta, 2011
  • Micro2. Catalogue and exhibition by  at L’Acanto Gallery, Milano, 2011
  • Micro2. Catalogue and exhibition by at Zamenhof Gallery, Milano, 2011
  • OSMOSITUDINE. Project for PAV Prize 2011. Torino, 2010
  • Video Place. Video catalogue and exhibition a cura del Museo Nuova Era at Sala Murat, Bari, 2010