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Armando Riva was born and lives in Biella.
His artistic activity starts with photography and xerography field in the middle of Seventies.
He handles photografic devices, appliances and photocopier Rank Xerox.
His works got in the Mail Art circuit.

During the Eighties he begins to work with discarded materials from textile and mechanical industry preferring what is earlier in the process and collecting information about an indispensable but unavoidibly forgotten production path.

With the above mentioned materials he produces installations, creates like-scultures, assemblages.
The idea of the discard widens to encompass the sphere of the everyday life, so that any material can become a path regardeless of the reached aim.

As a co-founder of "Manifesto n° 0" and "Studio A.A.A." he organizes exhibitions and events in collaboration with a number of local administrations, specifically "Passaggi a Nord-Ovest", review of international artists who operates in the urban ground of Biella.
After almost a sabbatic decade, he gets back to work both in the field of analogic and digital photography and in the field of assemblage, continuing to use physical and mental discarded materials.
With Roberta Toscano he's the founder of COSTAROCOSA group.

Office: Via Milano 31, 13900, Biella
Home: Strada Barazza 26, 13900, Biella
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: 3393186613